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Can you charm the pants off someone?

Zinger is the live social chat game where creativity, humor, and charm wins.

Zinger is the live social speed chat game where creativity, humor, and charm wins.

Have fun asking or answering curly questions and meet new people along the way. It’s FREE!


How it Works

The lowdown on how to play Zinger

Create Your Profile

Create your free Zinger profile in 20 seconds. Answer extra optional questions in the queue to calculate a “Zinger Score” between you and everyone else. This measures like-mindedness between you and others and helps us place you in the best games.

Join a Game

Each night open the doors at 8pm in your local area. Once we are like, get in the queue and we will line up a game for you to play. Depending upon your luck, you can play as either the “Star” or one of the “Contestants.” If you want to watch games, you can do that too!

Ask or Answer the Questions

If you’re the “Star,” you get to pick three questions to ask. If you’re a contestant, you get to show off your creativity and answer the questions. All games are public, so put on a good show!

The Winner is Selected!

Now’s the time to either pick the winner or hopefully get selected as the winner! We then unlock chat so the “Star” and the winning “Contestant” can continue chatting.